Spanish Poetry

Painting by Guido Borelli

We took a couple of days to read poems by Federico Garcia Lorca (Romance Sonambulo, and Arbole, Arbole…) and then write our own poems full of color. I encouraged the girls to add a few Spanish words to their poems.  

This lesson idea came from “Rose Where Did You Get That Red?” By Kenneth Koch, which contains the best poetry lesson plans ever.

Ley Lime Pie (age 10)

La Luna and the Mystical Place
La Luna shining in the azul sky
Its blanca y plata
Up in el cielo
Off to a mystical place
Singing all the way
Thinking of what’s there
Could you take me with you
To that wonderful place.
Tamale Pie (age 13):
There lies la Luna
Swimming in a sea of lonely azul
Ella esta llorando for the loss of her amore.
Her face pale with grief.
Little estrellas try to cheer her
Twinkling and shining for her
Trying to make her smile
With their jokes.
But try as they might,
The night goes on
La Luna llora
For the loss of her amore.
Cherry Pie (age 16):
Writers Block
Dark, dark mind lies in ruins, long since abandoned by ideas.
Dirty, Gris window fragments sit in ashy layers of drapery.
Dreary, blue paint peels around the edges of the fireplace.
Dank, green smoke stained the bricks not long ago.
Dead head never left it’s bed.

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