Home School & Toddlers: Get Help!

Post 2 of my Homeschooling with Toddler Twins Series.  See Post 1

Sometimes you just need to holler “Uncle!” and recognize that you need help.

You might be surprised at the help you can find.

**For about 2 months, a young woman from my church who was graduated from high school came and played with the babies for 3-4 hours twice a week while I did school.  This was a stop gap for me while I tried to figure things out, because she was going to have her own baby soon, and would not be available after that.

**I had a piano student who wanted to trade work for lessons.  I would give her a 20 minute piano lesson, and then she would watch the babies for me for about an hour and a half while I taught an art lesson or piano lessons to my own children.

**One of my dear friends would babysit for me for about 2-4 hours on a Friday once a month so I could think and plan for home school uninterrupted.

Getting help was a real sanity saver for me.  It can be for you as well, if you will be humble enough to accept it!!

Love, GlowWorm

See Post 1 in this series!

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